Saturday, December 5, 2009

Device, brace attachment

My last post showed how to make the Device. But the Device alone is not sufficient as a piece of adaptive equipment.

There needs to be a way to attach it to the forearm of the person using it. If it cannot be easily attached to a person's existing supports or braces, there are many options.

I experimented with several designs of braces and straps, trying to find something that would be both comfortable and stable. Yet my brace-designing skills proved to be somewhat lacking. I asked a friend for advice, and she suggested I look at bowling supports.

I went to a local bowling shop with my Device (well, with a previous version that turned out to have serious problems and later fell apart, anyway), and started trying on the supports available in the shop and seeing how they fit my arm and how I could use them to secure the Device. I found one that was comfortable and seemed like it would hold the Device securely in place with no additional adaptations or work. So I bought it, and have been using it with the Device for over three years thus far.

I use this one. The only modification I had to make was that since I was wearing it against the front of my right hand and forearm, and this support is designed to be worn on the back of the hand, wrist, and forearm, I could not use the right-hand brace. I instead use the left-hand brace, but upside-down on my right. The curvature in the brace fits my wrist perfectly with just this small change.

For anyone needing to use the Device, and looking for a comfortable way to attach it to the arm, I recommend bowling supports. They are easy to find and significantly cheaper than other orthopedic supports and braces available.

I will have pictures of the Device with its brace, and pictures of it in use, to post in a few days.

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  1. This is so cool! I came by way of the ravelry one-handed knitting thread. Can't wait to see pictures of the device in use! Please consider posting crocheting pictures. :)

    Mel AKA Melissima on Ravelry